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Thomas believes that using green technologies of all kind is the future. He co-founded G&E with the intention to create a powerful basis for realizing projects and creating tools to support the further progress and adaption of green technology instead of just talking about it. With G&E he wants to give everybody the means be able to take responsibility for a more worth living planet.

Thomas has always dreamed of supporting mankind to make the world a better place. For this reason and for his affinity for technology Thomas focussed on the topic renewable energy sources during his studies at the university of applied science in Upper Austria.

Energy is a very important key factor across sectors and especially the renewables allow a new kind of energy democracy which offers new possibility, for industrialized as well as underdeveloped countries.

After his studies he started to work at the research institute for energy economy in munich, where he got to know Lorenz, Manfred and Olmo. At this time he was also infected with the idea of electric mobility and the positive ecological by the combination with renewable energy sources.

Based on those thoughts G&E was founded with the goal to provide the knowledge as well as the tools to give everyone the possibility to improve life on earth.

How to overcome range anxiety!?!

Range anxiety one of the main issues! As we’ve said in a couple of articles before, range anxiety is one of the most important issues in terms of electric mobiliy. Due to the complex infrastructure and the unproblematic and quick refueling process, there are no similar concerns with conventional cars. As the drivers are usedRead the Rest…

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The Top 10 FAQ about electric cars – third question

What is the range of an electric car? The third question of the eBook is concerned with one of the central issues of electric mobility up to now…the range of electric cars. The range is dependend on the two aspects energy demand and the amount of the stored energy. This means that the range ofRead the Rest…

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What is your battery size?

When people talk about electric cars (EV), they worry about the limited range of those vehicles in most of the cases. The range of the EV is directly linked with the capacity of the cars battery. This means, the more capacity the longer ways are possible. But at the momet EVs are expensive and this arises primarily due to the high costs for appropriate batteries. So the users as well as the car makers have to find a balance between the ability of the car to fit the range needs and the price of the car.

This article tells about the backgroud of this issue, the future trend and the way to overcome this problem already today.

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What is your range?

At the moment the range of electric vehicles (EV) is limited due to the specifications of the battery als well as its high costs. The cars which are already offered respectively will be offered in the near future could be used for distances between 100 and about 200 km with one discharge cycle. For this reason the range is always the concern of people about electric mobility.

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Are EVs for you? The Olmo Factor

In my life as researcher and consultant, I face the same problem several times: How to decide if an electric vehicle will be cost efficient for a client. There are ways to perform economic calculations (and we have specialized tools that do that), but I have discovered the difficulty is somewhere else. It’s not onlyRead the Rest…

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Will toyota stop fooling people? The new RAV 4 EV

Today I stumbled upon a press release I was waiting for long: The new RAV 4 EV, second generation. The statement “real world driving range” cached my attention… read why

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The problem with the batteries

Why batteries?

[caption id="attachment_303" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Voltera Compact - Batteries in EVs"][/caption]

If you need electricity on board for a car, you will need to either produce it on board, or take it from a storage  and, sorry, there is no other proper way to store electricity than batteries.

If you  compare the energy amount in your gasoline tank with a battery, you’ll be frustrated. Gasoline has an enormous amount of energy per kg, about 100 (!) times more than modern batteries. This means, to replace the energy amount in your tank with batteries you will end up with the weight of 100 tanks… Can you imagine a car with 100 gasoline tanks?

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The need for clarification around EVs

Vivaro Concept

Today I stumbled upon a Wikipedia article about the Electric version of the Opel Vivaro. It says that the battery of the Vivaro has a capacity of 111 kWh, and this can’t be true.

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