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Olmo is a visionary man with the clear goal of speeding up the penetration of electric cars and green technologies. He is convinced that in the future, green & seamless tech will be an "a priori" good in many places, like running fresh water and white paper today. He co-founded G&E as a way of liberation and personal realization for reaching this goal.

All efforts and products of G&E are designed to achieve a fast and cost effective penetration of electric cars and green tech into the market. Olmo is also responsible for the strategy and the company leadership.

Olmo was born in Colombia, South America in a time where violence was much more important than ecology. Thankfully he grew up in a safe environment and destiny lead him to learning the importance of respect, both human and ecological. At the age of 14 he began to travel very often to the most humid rainforest of the world, the jungle of “Chocó” at the pacific coast of Colombia, where his parents build the first ecological hotel in the region. There he internalized the importance of protecting the environment, which resulted in the creation of his instinct for environmental protection.

The story of Olmo with electric cars began back in 1997, where at the age of 16 he started to do a research and description work of electric cars for high school, a work that took 2 years to be completed. Since then, he never stopped thinking about and acting to driving his life towards electric cars. He went to Germany and got his bachelor degree on electrical engineering and a master degree on energy economy. He worked for 6 years at the "research center for energy economy" in Munich, where he lead the research group encharged of electric mobility projects. He is finishing his PhD in the topics of aging and charging models for Lithium Ion-Batteries in electric cars.

Olmo is also a passionate speaker and communicator who wants nothing more than telling people that “green is green”.

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El miedo a la ausencia de sonido en autos eléctricos

Los autos eléctricos son extremadamente silenciosos. Realizando una conducción lenta, el sonido de un auto eléctrico es casi cero. Como ciclista y especialista en autos eléctricos, varias veces me dije a mi mismo: “Si un auto eléctrico hubiera cruzado la calle en este momento, me hubiera golpeado”.

He comprobado personalmente que una de las discusiones más frecuentes sobre autos eléctricos es su sonido, o mejor dicho la carencia de sonido. La gente empieza a decirme que van existir diferentes sonidos artificiales para los coches eléctricos. El propietario podría elegir por ejemplo entre el sonido de un Porsche o de un Mustang …buah …

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