Waiting for electric cars

source: cars.uk.msn.com

source: cars.uk.msn.com

The progress of electric mobility in Germany is rather slow and there are a couple of reasons for this. In addition to the still prevalent range anxiety and the absence of public charging infrastructure, mainly the lack of electric vehicles has a major negative impact.

Yet, the example of the Smart ed shows that there is a demand for attractive and affordable EVs. Unfortunately Smart is not able to cope with the public demand, which lead to the situation that lots of customers cancelled their orders because of the long waiting period (about nine months). As reasons for this delays the slow production of the batteries, the simultaneous launch of this model in 30 markets as well as of the own use in the carsharing service “Car2Go” can be mentioned. Furthermore it becomes obvious, that, despite of the defined goals, electric mobility in Germany is still regarded as s.th. incidental, which isn’t an adequate support for this technology.

For this reason 2013 could be a very important year, because beside the very attractive Tesla Model S many other EV-models will be on the market. Including the Smart ed, Toyota iQ EV, Renault Zoe, VW E-Up, VW Golf Blue-e-Motion, Ford Focus Electric, BMW i3 as well as the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive.

What do you think about the current and future EV models? Do you already think about getting one of those cars? Maybe you should test iEV for a closer look!

Bye, Thomas

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