Smog dome cities



Do you remember the headlines about air pollution in chinese cities? The air, that seemed to be too thick for cutting and like an obscure wall of frosted glass. Say nothing of the fatal and scientifically proven effects on the health of the population. Haven´t you also thought about how glad you are not to live in such an environment?

Now the EU persists in drastic actions in German metropolitan areas in order to counteract just this very frightening development. The situation is very urgent and this is also evident by the fact that the EU demands to act immediately in 33 of 57 metropolitan areas.

For example the introduction of bans on driving and restrictions of private transport shall help to reduce the high nitrogen oxide pollution in cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, the Ruhr cities, Freiburg and Stuttgart. But countries such as Britain, France, Italy and Austria are also affected by the EU countermeasures against the predominant poor air quality. Brussels calls for new air quality plans with concrete steps to reduce the levels of pollutants by the corresponding warned cities and regions, or fines and proceedings to the EU Court of Justice will be impended.

As this tendency is already predictable for a long time, the Green & Energy GmbH is working on approaches to solve this problem. We conceived and still are developing tools to raise awareness and for giving everybody the chance for counteracting this issue. Just contact us and we’ll find a way to help.

Thanks a lot!

Bye, Thomas


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