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London’s magnificent cabbies are famous the world over for their top notch service, but I also want the capital’s taxi fleet to match up to the highest environmental standards that a great city like ours deserves. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

A few days ago, the London’s mayor announced in a press release a plan to promote electric taxis (EV-Taxis) in London. In our research at the FfE we have found out, that Taxi operation is predestinated for electric vehicles. It seems that there are politicians that do understand the strengths of EVs. One of the main points in the press release is the fact, that a £ 1 million fund will be available to upgrade the taxi fleet to low emission vehicles. I believe that electric taxis will be the right choice here. Another interesting point is the idea of a mandatory eco-driving course for aspiring cabbies. I’m sure this measure will be more efficient if all cabbies will need to take the course.
‘From 2012 when the world heads to London, we will remove the oldest, dirtiest cabs from our streets. But we are also offering a juicy carrot, with the establishment of a fund to help speed up the introduction of electric black cabs. This forms part of a robust package of long-term measures to progressively clean up London’s air.’ Boris Johnson
For the EV-community, this means a long-term and a growing market for electric cars. I’m sure such actions will contribute with the market penetration of electric cars, and with time, electric cars will become accessible for drivers with lower Olmo Factors, like electric taxis.   Thanks, Olmo

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  1. This is a great step forward if it comes off- the London cabs have not got the best carbon footprint to put it lightly- Will make the streets smell that little bit fresher. Grant
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