EU CO2 limitations – the contended status of EVs

EU CO2 limitation of new cars

In 2009 the EU implemented a regulation for the CO2 emissions of new cars. The limits for the average CO2 emissions for the sum of all new cars of a company is 130 grams of CO2 per kilometre (g/km) by 2015 and 95 g/km by 2020.

German OEMs and the new CO2 limitation


This seems to be difficult for the German OEMs with large and high powered cars on one hand and a low proportion of hybrid and electric cars on the other hand. Therefore the association of german automobile industry (VDA) is demanding a bigger crediting of the zero-emission vehicles with the explanation that this would lead to the situation that the german OEMs would be more engaged in the field of electric mobility. Currently electric cars influence the calculation of the average fleet emissions with a factor of 1.3. The VDA demands an increasement of this factor to 2.5.

The “Verkehrsclub Deutschland” (VCD) however points to the fact that an increased factor of 2.5 wouldn’t help EVs but the further production of heavy fuel guzzling cars, as just 1 EV could compensate a lot. Such a step could rather lead to more or less unambitious approach to the topic of electric mobility. In the eyes of the VCD such a step would furthermore mean an enormous weakening of the actual goals and the effect of this regulation. In the eyes of the VCD the limits should even be more strict in order to get the OEMs going.

What do you think about the approach of the VDA and the oppinion of the VCD? Just leave a comment and let us know!

Bye, Thomas

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