Charging your electric car without nuclear power

Nuclear power is a time bomb

Not only because of what is happening in Japan right now, nuclear power was, is and will remain a time bomb. It doesn’t matter how much technology people use to build and operate nuclear plants, they are always vulnerable to something. Besides the many people that lose their lives and homes in Japan after the earthquake and the tsunami, the terror continues with burning refineries and nuclear meltdown.

Can you avoid nuclear power to charge up your electric car?

I’m not going to write about Japan and the actual news. Let’s talk about charging your electric car and what is the only thing you can do to empower a energy economy without nuclear power. The “good news” is that everyone can help a little bit, not only by having an electric car, but also for the energy consumption for your home and business. In modern energy markets, every single user has the opportunity to change their provider. If you don’t want nuclear power for any reason, just ask your provider if they sell nuclear power in their mix. If they do, just quit and get another energy provider. I recently changed my provider, and it’s really easy and non bureaucratic. That’s it. Even if you are in France, where nuclear power is the main source of power, it is possible to switch to providers that will sell you 100% renewable energy. If you want to contribute to a better world, don’t consume nuclear and coal-based power. Switch to renewables now, it’s easy + safe and often not even more expensive.

Your Story

What is your story? How much nuclear power do you have in your region? Is there a good renewable energy provider that you can recommend to other readers? Any website that makes the switch easy? Just post it in the comments. Olmo  
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  1. Hi,
    Here in Spain there´s a lot of renewable energy sources but they only represents the 30% max of the overall. The rest of sources are gas, charcoal and nuclear. In the future, renewable energy must be stored to allow its use at any time and thus lower the contribution of nuclear energy and other harmful sources….
    Could this be possible?


    • Hi Carlos, as I mentioned, it is not important where you live and how much nuclear power do you have in your grid. The important point is that you get a provider that guarantee to provide you renewable power.

      The bottom line is: Do you want to help conserving the planet? If yes, go for a renewable energy provider. That’s it, the market will do the rest.


  2. Hi there
    I agree renewable energy is great, but it has one big problem: it is not and as a source can not be constant (the sun shines or it doesn’t, the wind blows or it doesn’t ect.)

    A sad fact is that our power systems need three types of energy, base energy, trapez energy and peak energy. The most important one is the base energy which we need for hospitals, factories that make medicine ect. And that energy, the base energy can not be produced with renewable energy sources. Sadly, it can only be produced with fossil-fueled power plants or nuclear power plants.

    • Hi,

      In Colombia at least 90% of the
      Power is produced with renewable sources.

      I agree with you only in one thing: it’s impossible with today’s economical structures. I’m talking about energy economy and politics. If this changes for good, from the technical side, a 100% supply with renewables is possible.

      Yes, we need storages, yes we need better grids (maybe), yes, but technically… It’s possible. Everything is possible.

      • Hi everyone,

        Well, I agree to use renewable energy for charging your car but also for industry, municipal services and domestic issues. But the problem I think is, as you said Olmo, the economical structure. First of all, the goverments must promote and encourage this type of energy to be more cheaper for people who cannot afford it.
        But second, and the most important think, is that population is growing and with it the energy demand. Renewables, actually and in the near future, will not be able to satisfy the energy demand of a growing population.
        So, What we need to do first?: to consume less energy (whatever the soruce) and this starts with changing our lifestyles…

        • Hi Joan,

          Thank you for the comment. As you said, since population is growing, it will be difficult to achieve the desired goals. I don’t know how, but humanity needs to change, and I’m pretty sure it will hurt a lot. :-(

          I don’t know any drastically change in economy or society that went smooth… Do you?


          • Olmo,

            difficult question to answer without philosophizing…I am sure that our societies, the world, needs to rethink the economical structures and our purchasing and consuming habits.

            We are disconnected from the world around us and we only only seek our happiness in material terms…

            First of all, we need politicians concerned about the energy dependence and to promote measures (drastically) to reduce the energy consumption..but legislatures end in 4years and this measures need more time to be implemented…nobody wants to do something that is not reflected in their legislature…

            Second, goverments depends on the multinationals companies, including electric power suppliers, oil suppliers, nuclear and coal…nobody wants to lose market share..

            I do not know friend what is the best option to be more sustainable (that is not equal to use only renevable energy) but I know that a lot of people is concerned about it. Politicians do nothing maybe people (not politicians) needs to be unit and to demand change in or social and economical structures… but are we able to make efforts?

          • Thank you Joan for the nice comment.

            I believe that renewables can go hand in hand with a new economy and companies, even big multinationals, that will live from the knowhow and profit from building, installing and maintaining renewable energy sources.

            Stay tuned in our Blog, a “vision” of such a future is coming :-)

  3. Hope so Olmo!

  4. Why do you have to down nuclear? bfore you trash nuclear, remeber that the LFTR is a lot better than GEN 2 reactors.

    Url to video :
    bulletX recently posted..The Top 10 FAQ about electric cars – sixth question

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