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A worldwide shift to a more sustainable transportation is inevitable. Even today, electric vehicles are a better choice than conventional cars for many drivers worldwide. This trend is set to continue, improving the economical choice and the ecological impact.

We focus on speeding up the massive adoption of electric cars, as we fully understand that the technology is already here and ready for most of us.

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Our experience and products will help you, your clients or your citizens to reach the goal of sustainable transport. Users of our interdisciplinary and simulation-based product set will know about their individual mobility needs and their potential for electric vehicles – and will be inspired to shift.

Whatever the consulting requirements of our clients are, we are at their side. Our network for e-mobilty and green technology specialists has grown over the years and is ready to fulfill their needs.

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The perfect set of tools for one of mankind’s biggest challenges. Our app iEV is the best resource of targeted information about electric vehicles for the mass, and will surely accelerate the inevitable!

Whatever your business is, whatever your special needs are, if you believe in electric mobility and green transport, we are here to accompany you.

Our Services

What we can do for you

E-mobility Tools E-mobility Tools

Our e-mobility tools accelerate the inevitable. We provide the tools and knowledge for companies and initiatives that promote the large scale adoption of e-mobility. Our core business is the adaption of our tools to the client’s needs as well as tailormade design and realisation of new concepts. Our innovative tool iEV actively supports the large […]

E-mobility Consulting E-mobility Consulting

Whatever your business is, if you need assistance with introducing sustainable mobility we are at your side. We are experienced and know the problems around the introduction of sustainable mobility. On basis of your needs and ideas, we identify the potentials and develop a tailor made concept, shoot the troubles and guide you through the […]

Our Latest Work

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Our Team

We are a group of creative and positive thinking engineers and scientists and digital artists. Our aim with Green & Energy is to accelerate the inevitable through the usage of smart and green technologies.

We provide consulting services as well as software development in the fields of Electric Mobility, Green Energy and Efficiency to communities, companies and other consultants.

We are interdisciplinary, innovative and enthusiastic about what we're doing. We care about our unique business culture, based on trust and a balance between science and creativity.

Olmo Mezger - Olmo Mezger

CEO and Founder

Olmo is a visionary with the clear goal of speeding up the penetration of electric cars and green technologies. He is convinced that in the future, green & seamless tech will be an “a priori” good in many places, like running fresh water and white paper today. He co-founded G&E as a way of liberation and personal realization for reaching this goal.

    Thomas Rasilier - Thomas Rasilier

    COO and Founder

    Thomas believes that using green technologies of all kind is the future. He co-founded G&E with the intention to create a powerful basis for realizing projects and creating tools to support the further progress and adaption of green technology instead of just talking about it. With G&E he wants to give everybody the means be able to take responsibility for a more worth living planet.

      Bastian Kohlbauer - Bastian Kohlbauer

      iOS Development

      Bastian is our main iOS developer. He studies Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Munich, but his passion for Objective-C is bigger! He joined G&E as a freelancer, but his devotion brought him to become a partner.